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Chief Advisor Henning Krog
Henning is the glue that holds the concept together. He was COO of the bathroom business Dansani for nine years during which time he worked with his own as well as outsourced production. He’s an expert on value chains, operations, and production. He has previously contributed to ERP implementations for a range of businesses and digitalisations projects. Henning is an experienced board member and sparring partner for owners and managers in small and large businesses alike.
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+45 20 58 35 96

Chief Advisor Michael Møller
Kraft-Werk co-founder Michael Møller is a creative mind with vast experience in international sales and marketing. He has a unique perspective on the market opportunities available to businesses and has a knack for turning the threats of tomorrow’s market into opportunities for the business.

Michael Møller is an expert on all things strategy, sales, and marketing, not to mention trade with Germany.
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+45 25 26 15 00