Experienced and agile Kraft-Werk consultants

We have a range of experienced partners in the key areas of business operations and development; management, strategy, innovation, production, administration, legal, finances, innovation, international sales, and – of course – both online and offline marketing.


Kraft-Werk is a guarantor of project management, efficiency, and great results, regardless of whether the task at hand is mitigating a crisis or ensuring a successful future.


We can complement your team exactly
where you need us to.


You only have to look in one place in order to solve tasks and challenges in a professional and efficient manner.


Ask us – it pays.

Do you want to join the strong Kraft- Werk network?


Kraft-Werk is always open to strengthening their team of advisors with strong personalities that can help other businesses succeed, as part of a strong team and on a freelance basis. A prerequisite is having experience with management and expert consulting.

Consultants are screened for knowledge, experience, and personality, including the vital ability to be a member of a strong team.


Kontakt Henning Krog – hkr@kraft-werk.dk – or send your dossier/CV to set up an appointment to explain how we draw up the premises for collaboration.